Escape to Your Own Personal Paradise...
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Nature's Bouquet brings the essence of springtime into your home!

Radiant Roses...Delicate Daisies...Magnificent Marigolds...Tender Tulips...and Swaying Sunflowers soothe the soul and please the eye as they burst from your screen in a COLORFUL VIDEO BOUQUET OF WONDERMENT! Each blossom is captured in exquisite detail by award winner RON ROY under natural "GOLDEN LIGHT" and edited in graceful slow motion... to make every flower "REACH OUT" to the beholder! Accompanied by the World's Greatest Romantic Classics... Soothing original MOODTAPES melodies... and springtime's relaxing sounds of nature... creating the Perfect Video for a Lifetime of Enjoyment... and the Ideal Gift!

Autumn Whispers...Winter Dreams is a soothing visual journey through one of Nature’s most spectacular settings...The Colorado Rockies...as Autumn gently surrenders to the beckoning call of Winter!

Experience the breathtaking beauty...of yellow, gold, and red Aspen leaves tingling in the frosty wind...cascading mountain waterfalls and rushing crystalline streams...towering evergreens swaying against snowy mountain peaks...and crystal blue mountain streams etching their way through Winter’s gentle blanket of white!

Recorded entirely in the majestic Colorado Rockies and accompanied by a deeply soothing original musical soundtrack that features the actual sounds of nature’s rushing mountain streams!

Romantic Classics by Firelight turns Your TV into a crackling fireplace! The World’s Greatest Love Themes by Tchaikovsky, Pachelbel, Debussy and more…performed on Passionate Baby Grand Piano, Bass, & Strings…arranged in a Soothing…Sensual Style…and accompanied by the Romantic Sounds of a Snapping…Sizzling…Crackling Fireplace!

RELAXING SOUNDS...of a snapping...sizzling...crackling fireplace!

SOOTHING VISIONS... of dancing flames... flickering candles...long stemmed roses... and wine filled crystal!

ROMANTIC MELODIES... of the world’s greatest love themes arranged in a passionate... sensual... and soothing style!

Serenity lets you escape into the relaxing world of nature with spectacular scenery of... crashing ocean surf...panoramic sunsets... blossoming flowers... cascading waterfalls...underwater wonderlands... rushing mountain streams... and More!

Serenity's deeply relaxing original musical soundtracks and the actual sounds of nature will transport You to Your own personal paradise!

Serenity includes over ten years worth of original award winning nature videography from the MOODTAPES Video Collectible Library!

Whispering Waters


Escape into a world of scenic wonder as the natural sights and sounds of rushing mountain streams and cascading waterfalls transport you on a blissful journey of peaceful relaxation!

Shot entirely on location in the panoramic wonderful of Yosemite National Park, Whispering Waters awe-inspiring scenery is perfectly blended to a symphony of natural sound and is complimented by a gentle musical background!

Ocean Reflections

The Ultimate Ocean Journey ..both Above and Under Water!

The Ocean... It’s Beauty... It’s Splendor... It’s Grandeur...

Experience Nature’s Most RelaxingEnvironment as you dive into an Underwater Wonderland of gliding Dolphins... majestic Whales... playful Sea Lions... and adorable Sea Otters! Let YourTensions Ease Away as golden sunsets melt into a panorama of spectacular color against crashing ocean waves... and sand pipers dance a delicate ballet on the shore to the calming rhythm of the tide.

Pacific Surf blends a symphony of the naturally soothing sounds of crashing surf with a gentle musical background to create the ultimate stress-reducing natural environment... in the home or office!

Escape into a world of breathtaking beauty as the natural sights and sounds of giant crashing Pacific Surf transport you on a blissful journey of peaceful relaxation!

Shot entirely on location along the rugged California, Oregon and Washington coastlines, Pacific Surf captures the spectacular natural beauty of giant crashing waves as they pound the towering cliffs and shoreline of this majestic region!

Snowy Cracklin' Christmas Turns Your TV into a Joyful Breathtaking Christmas Ornament! It's the Ultimate Christmas Keepsake!

Frosty Snowflakes Shower Mountain Evergreens Covering Them In A Blanket
Of Wintry White... A Festive Christmas Fireplace Roars And Crackles In The
Hearth, Merrily Adorned With Angels, Bows Poinsettias, Garland, And
Glistening Holiday Tinsel... The World's Happiest Holiday Music Fills The
Room... While The Whisper Of The Wind And The Sounds Of
Sleigh Bells Can Be Heard In The Distance...


Contemporary Christmas will fill your home with fresh, cheerful, and uplifting sights and sounds of the season!

Enjoy twelve of your favorite Holiday classics (including "JINGLE BELLS", "DECK THE HALLS", "SILENT NIGHT", "JOY TO THE WORLD" and more) performed in an exciting new upbeat contemporary style, while enhancing visuals of gentle snowflakes, roaring fireplaces, cozy winter horse-drawn sleighs and the glitter and sparkle of the Yuletide season dance across your monitor!

Turns Your TV Into a Video Christmas Ornament!



Audio CDs_______________________________________________________________________________

Moodtapes Now Available On iTunes! Moodtapes

ENERGY is a musical voyage of discovery into the far reaches of the universe. Sometimes fast and furious...sometimes liquid and flowing...sometimes even subtle and evocative...ENERGY explores the excitement, adventure, and exhilaration of a journey into a new frontier!

Whispering Waters
Natural Environments
Beautiful Music… Soothing Natural Sounds!

Relax To The Peaceful Sounds Of Rushing Mountain Streams … Cascading
Waterfalls … And Gentle Songbirds Blended To Soothing Original Melodies
Performed On Baby Grand Piano And Acoustic Guitar!

Beautiful And Soothing Instrumental Melodies…
Moodtapes Original “Classic” Cd!

One Of The Most Beautiful And Classic Compact Discs Ever! This “Top Twenty Coast To Coast” Hit Cd Features Some Of The Best Known And Favorite Classics In Original Easy Listening Instrumental Music! Hit Songs Include “Glider”… “Westward Wind” …”Traveler” … And The Romantic “Seascape”!

Romantic Classics By Firelight
Natural Environments
Beautiful Music… Soothing Natural Sounds

The World's Greatest Love Themes Performed On Baby Grand Piano & Strings...
Arranged In A Passionate.. Sensual Style.... & Accompanied By The Romantic Sounds Of A Snapping...Sizzling...Crackling Fireplace!

Pacific Surf
Natural Environments
Beautiful Music… Soothing Natural Sounds!

Relax To The Natural Sounds Of Crashing Ocean Waves, Distant Gulls, And Soft
Ocean Breezes Blended With Ten Beautiful New Original Melodies By Frank Josephs And Ron Roy Performed On Acoustic Guitar And Baby Grand Piano!

Ocean Reflections
Soothing Beautiful Music … & Interludes Of Natural Sounds!

A Peaceful Instrumental Musical Journey That Transports The Listener Through The Many Moods And Feelings Of The Wonderous Ocean Realm. It’s Beauty… It’s Wonder… Its’ Grandeur Are All Captured In New And Original Moodtapes Compositions With Interludes Of The Actual Soothing Sounds Of Crashing Ocean Surf!

Autumn Whispers...Winter Dreams
The Soothing Music And Sounds Of Autumn And Winter…

Relax On A Blissful Musical Instrumental Excursion Inspired By The Magic Of
The Seasons' Change ... Accompanied By Natural Interludes Of The Soothing Sounds Of Rushing Rocky Mountain Streams!

Contemporary Christmas
An Upbeat Yuletide Instrumental Classic Designed To Cheer Up The Holiday Season!

All Your Favorite Classic Christmas Carols In A Fresh … Cheerful… And Vibrant Modern Instrumental Style! Designed To Keep The Holiday Parties Bouncing … And Bring A Cheerful Glow To Holiday Activities! Featured On Vh-1 And Entertainment Tonight As One Of The Best Christmas Soundtracks Ever!