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Ocean Reflections

The Ultimate Ocean Journey ...

both Above and Under Water!


Ocean Reflections

The Ocean... It’s Beauty... It’s Splendor... It’s Grandeur...

Captured in exquisite detail in MOODTAPES tribute to the serenity of the sea!

Experience Nature’s Most Relaxing Environment as you dive into an Underwater Wonderland of gliding Dolphins... majestic Whales... playful Sea Lions... and adorable Sea Otters! Let YourTensions Ease Away as golden sunsets melt into a panorama of spectacular color against crashing ocean waves... and sand pipers dance a delicate ballet on the shore to the calming rhythm of the tide.

All edited in perfect harmony to an original, Digitally Mastered Stereo HI-Fidelity Soundtrack, and incorporating the Actual Natural Sounds Of The Ocean, Moodtapes "Ocean Reflections" is the Perfect Gift to soothe the aching soul and can be enjoyed over and over again!



Approximately 45 Minutes