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Snowy Cracklin' Christmas

Turns Your TV into a Joyful Breathtaking Christmas Ornament!


"Snowy Cracklin' Christmas" ... The Ultimate Christmas Keepsake!

Frosty Snowflakes Shower Mountain Evergreens Covering Them In A Blanket
Of Wintry White... A Festive Christmas Fireplace Roars And Crackles In The
Hearth, Merrily Adorned With Angels, Bows Poinsettias, Garland, And
Glistening Holiday Tinsel... The World's Happiest Holiday Music Fills The
Room... While The Whisper Of The Wind And The Sounds Of
Sleigh Bells Can Be Heard In The Distance...

Produced and Directed by RON ROY

Videography by RON ROY

Original Music by FRANK JOSEPHS & RON ROY

Additional Original Music Composed, Arranged, & Performed by ERIC BIKALES

Approximately One Hour